Welcome to the Infirmary

Today is the release party for my sequel to Reluctant Guardian, The Elementalist! I am excited. I really am, but it’s this debilitating cold I’ve contracted that makes it look otherwise. It’s after nine in the morning and I’m still in my pajamas in bed, watching Captain Kirk act in a hotel commercial. There has got to be something better to watch  than this.

The alternative is to get into a nice, hot bath with a good book. That could clear my sinuses, but then I’d just lie there thinking of all the things I should be doing, like laundry, dishes, writing, ordering prizes for the release party, caring for my sick child. I think I’ll just take a bath. The bathtub is truly a love/hate relationship, but he’s loyal and always there, waiting. He’s sounding better and better.

My 10 year old is home sick today too, but he has different symptoms, like puking his brains out. I’m grateful today that I’m not doing that.

So, now I will force myself into my loyal bathtub, I will read a book while I think of all the things I need to do, and then I will get out, sit by my window and watch the miracle of a winter wonderland in March… the first real snowstorm (for us) of the season.

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Questions & Answers 3012

1) Could you explain what you mean when you say criticism is a sin?
2) Why did Jesus not allow certain people to tell others about the healing they received from Him?
3) Can you explain where you can find allusions to Jesus in the book of Ecclesiastes?
4) Dr. McGee explains what he means when he says that believers are Catholic priests.
5) Can someone live without sin?
6) After death and before the resurrection, do we have intermediate bodies?
7) When we forgive do we also have to forget?
8) What is Shekinah Glory?
9) In John 10 Jesus quotes Psalm 82 which calls men gods. Does “gods” in this passage refer to teacher, judge, or prophet?
10) Was it Gods will for David to have many wives and concubines?
11) If someone strays from God does that mean that they were not saved?

The Best of 2013: The Music

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