We need rules of evidence. Without them, our criminal justice system simply will not function. Discuss

Question 1 :
We need rules of evidence. Without them, our criminal justice system simply will not function. Discuss.(1200 words)

Question 2:
Sarah has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her mother Joan. Sarah suffers from severe learning and intellectual disabilities.
She was taken to Stratford police station and was interviewed immediately. Sarah was withdrawing from drugs at the time .She was denied access to a solicitor and an appropriate adult. She has never been arrested before and was very frightened by the whole experience .The interviewing officer falsely told her throughout the interview that they had forensic evidence that linked her to the murder. Sarah initially denied the allegation and protested her innocence.
After 4.5 hours of interviewing and Sarah finally confessed to the murder.
As a result of this confession, the police found a murder weapon hidden in a nearby park.
Advise Sarah as to the admissibility of this confession and of the murder weapon found.(1000 words)…………

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