Topshop and River Island Marketing Strategies

Background information for companies (not historic) what industry are they, market share, profits, number of stores, etc. Industry competitive? Purpose of essay, critical analysis of …

Marketing strategy (marketing textbooks)
What is the objective of the companies marketing (annual reports)
Having considered marketing objectives, what tools are they using to achieve these set objectives?
Marketing mix, marketing segmentation, matrix, product portfolio – what products, cash cows.
What group are they targeting, how they divide their markets, etc.

Conclusion – don’t discuss which company is better. This essay has discussed these topics…

Discuss both companies in one paragraph
Market mix
Marketing segmentation

Specific Guidelines
Based on academic literature, discuss the various relevant topics that may inform a marketing strategy. For example, the marketing mix (promotion, place, price, and product life cycle, and portfolio analysis), the nature of marketing (why marketing is relevant) and market segmentation. Remember that this list of topics is not exhaustive and while your essay must be focused, you may wish to go beyond the specified reading material using relevant articles to show evidence of independent/wider reading and research. Remember to focus on academic articles, reputable sources of information such as business reviews, articles, journals, etc. be critically analytical throughout your essay……………..

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