The Patriots’ Winning Strategy: Nativism

This paper is based on the book, “Born in Blood & Fire: A Concise History of Latin America / Edition 3”. Each question should be answered in a full paragraph with the number question right next to it.
Questions will also be attached as PDF.
Chaseen (Boorn in Blood and Fire): Chapeter 2 questions
1. “Historians explain colonial control of Latin America as hegemony, a kind of domination that implies a measure of consent by those at the bottom” (57)
What are two cultural hegemonic forces in Spanish colonization?
2. Discuss some of the reasons that transculturation was both a blessing and a curse in Latin America?
3. What is gracias al sacar and what is its significance?
Chaseen (Boorn in Blood and Fire): Chapeter 3 questions
Write at least one paragraph (include a quote) for each of the following sections (highlight its significance) in Chapter 3:
1. “Revolution and War in Europe”
2. “The Spanish American Rebellions Begin, 1810-15”
3. “The Patriots’ Winning Strategy: Nativism”
4. “Unfinished Revolutions”
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