SystemVerilog Q&A

1.  What’s difference between static and automatic task/program?

    If you use static task for multiple places in your testbench,  the local variables will share the common, static storage. In this case, different threads will step on each other’s values.
   By using atuotmic storage, it will make a copy of local variables and use them. Not a common static storage any more.

  e.g.  program automatic initialization;

2. What’s the packed array and unpacked array?

    unpacked array is an array with gap between variables.

   e.g.  bit[7:0]  b_unpack[3];   // unpacked
          The system verilog simulators store each element on a 32-bit word boundary. In other words, you are using only lower 8 bits, the other 24 bits per word space is wasted.

    Packed array is an array without gap. Unpacked array is good for local individual variable access.

   e.g. bit[3:0] [7:0] bytes; // 4 bytes packed into 32 bits

    In this case, all 32 bits word are packed with 4 bytes. A packed array is handy if you need to convert to and from scalars.

3.  What’s different between logic and wire?

     Logic and wire are almost the same except wire can be driven by multiple sources. Logic can only driven by single source.

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Biblical Reboot

Of course, this isn’t the earliest reboot. For that you’d need to look at some of the distinctive in different editions of the Gilgamesh epic. Still, this is a lovely way of illustrating some of the “continuity errors” in the larger biblical corpus. I also recommend  James McGrath‘s post relating the latest debacle from Lucas to epic storytelling in the ancient world.

Goodbye 2012!!

Oh 2012!! What a year you were 🙂

After happily leaving 2011 behind (it was not the greatest year of my life…) 2012 brought joy, pain, heartache, laughter and love. We had to say goodbye to the last of our little pet rats Polleke (the end of an era!!), there was crafting, followed by lots of pain from crafting, campfires, soaking up sunshine, redecorating parts of our home and holidays with friends.

But most of all, 2012 was the year where I learned a lot about myself and about life. I’m not done yet – who ever is? – but I’m sooooo ready for 2013!!

New year.
New start.
New adventures.

Bring it on!!! 🙂

Are We Overreacting on Climate Change?

In “False Alarm,” Bjorn Lomborg argues that the global attention on fighting climate change has been misplaced, and taken resources away from more pressing problems.