Stop Putting God in a Box OR My Final DREAM Post for 2014

It’s been a year of living with a word that has changed my life.


God whispered the word over my heart in October 2013, nudging me towards truly dreaming towards the goals and desires laid deep in my heart.

They were scary dreams. Dreams that I could easily push aside, because no matter how much I might want them, they would require me to stretch out of my comfort zone. Go beyond what was comfortable for me.

I don’t like going beyond what is comfortable and familiar to me. I like the here and now. The safe and secure. But safe and secure doesn’t challenge you. At least it doesn’t challenge me. And God was asking me to dream.

How often do you put God in a box? How often do you say: “this is what I believe you can do and we’re not going over this X limit, God. So, thanks.”

The only person those kind of prayers does a disservice to is you. And the reason we do it? We’re coming back to fear again. How often do we dare to pray for something that seems so far beyond all comprehension and belief that it seems almost impossible for us to achieve? Something that might as well just be scoffed at, because the possibility of that happening to us is, well, impossible.

We don’t pray those kind of prayers often. And I dare to say, that even when I toe into the waters of deeper dreaming, I’m still cringing at the chilliness of the stream.

God’s dreams for us aren’t babbling brooks in the corner of a peaceful meadow. God’s dreams for us are rushing rivers, pulsing towards the very best interest He has at heart. Scripture promises this. And yet so often we refuse to surrender fully and let the rush of those waters carry us along.

God told me to dream in 2014. To not put Him in a box and see what He would do. To move forward with a passion for life and a constant expectation that He was about to do something awesome.

And He did.

As I look back on 2014, I’m awed. I’m humbled. I’m grateful. But I’m not done dreaming. In fact, a couple months ago, God laid another dream on my heart. A dream that when it thumped me between the eyes, I literally went: “You’ve got to be kidding, God. Something like that will never happen for me.”

Did I really just back talk to God? Oh yes, I did.

God’s plans on our lives aren’t held to the ground by human’s finite abilities, expectations, social status or fear. This is God we’re talking about and to. The Creator of the universe. His passion for us is unending. His plans for our lives whispered in our hearts and ears as dreams that push us forward.

If we let Him.

God told me to dream. I dreamed.

And I’m not stopping yet. My life isn’t over. And neither are the dreams.

Are you dreaming crazy dreams with God?
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Best Cover Up for Acne-Prone Skin

There are two crucial properties of foundations that are the best cover up for acne prone skin. It has to cover the pimples without looking like a piece of cake and make sure it doesn’t clog the pores, so breakouts don’t continue.

How to Select the Best Coverup for Acne Prone Skin 

1.     Try Not to Make the Acne Increase

Try looking for noncomedogenic cosmetics. This means they do not clog your pores. Make sure you do not use foundations that have denatured SD alcohol. These types are called isopropyl alcohol. They destroy the protective surface of your skin, and it also makes oily skin worse than it already is.

2.     Check the Ingredients

Try getting a foundation that is liquid with a concentration of salicylic acid that is not high. This helps in the removal of too much oil and the removal of dead skin cells, working like a pore cleaner and to keep the pores clear.

3.     Try Getting a Powder

A lot of dermatologists normally advise you get a powdered product over a liquid one for skin prone to acne. It is less likely to clog your skin, because the particles from the pigment are larger than those that are made of liquid. If you like ones that are made of liquid, then don’t use the ones with dewy finishes. Get something that is free of oil and not matte.

There are a lot of foundations that could be used as a cover-up and could help manage breakouts. Here is a list of options for the best cover up for acne prone skin.

5 Best Cover Ups for Acne Prone Skin

1.     Bare Minerals’ Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation

It is a powdered foundation from Bare Minerals, which offers salicylic acid, kaolin clay, acne-fighting zinc, and other ingredients like oat protein, which helps to calm irritation. It has been tested by different dermatologists and is a non-drying noncomedogenic.

2.     Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup

This helps in giving a skin-like coverage and buildable cover-up at an affordable price. It is an oil-free formula that is noncomedogenic and helps in covering imperfections and using a pore blurring finish and a soft matte. It also is available in a shade range that is diverse, so everyone could get what would work for them.

3.     MAC Studio’s Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15

Using a concealer that is too dark or too light most times increases the acne instead of reducing it. You should use a type of cover-up that is right for your skin. This is also created to make your skin look natural.

4.     Jane Iredale’s Enlighten Concealer

Jane Iredale’s Enlighten Concealer is a cruelty-free concealer formulated for dark under-eye circles, coloration or bruising, as well as acne or scarring. It contains anti-irritant and antioxidant properties thanks to its key ingredients of algae extract, moringa seed oil, white Lilly extract, and more.

5.     100% Pure’s 2nd Skin Concealer

2nd Skin Concealer by 100% Pure is a creamy, lightweight concealer wand that’s convenient for travel. Stick it in your purse or gym bag for daily corrective touch-ups. It’s made from fruit and hydrating olive extract.

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