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Write a short essay about the most important insight you gain from sociology of aging

Write a short essay about the most important insight you gain from sociology of aging 

1. One sentence for the topic (e.g., theory/concept/statistics) that you will cover in essay.

2. Explain what the topic is. (hint: difnition, description and example)

3. Discuss how the topic and what you learned would help with your or anyone else’s life from a life course perspective (hint: if you don’t know what the life course perspective it, review the lecture notes).

4. Provide 2-3 sentences summarizing your essay and provide 1 sentence of concluding remark.

Grading criteria:

1. Your essay has 1 sentence stating the topic.

2. Your essay has a concise but clear explanation about the topic.

3. Your essay has a discussion about how….

Social formation

Briefly define technological and cultural determinism (see Winston). Apply these theories to recent discourse about new forms of television, whether high definition TV, 3-D TV, mobile TV, online TV, etc. The discourse may come from a website, an advertisement, a TV program, a newspaper/magazine article, a blog, etc. (please do not use examples used in lectures or in sections). Identify an aspect of the discourse that invokes technological determinism and explain why it is technologically deterministic. Identify either a law of supervening social necessity OR a law of suppression of radical potential (these are likely not foregrounded in the example, they require an analysis of the broader cultural determinisms for the emergence of this technology). In what ways does this example exemplify the issue of gender and the….