Rain Clouds

Rain. Nobody seems to be enjoying the rain today. It doesn’t help that its cold too, at least for May.

I was thinking about this as I drove from The Mall back to my office this afternoon during one of the heavier downpours. It occurred to me that rain is a getting a bad rap this spring. Thanks to the General Assembly, Marylanders have a new to tax to associate with this weather event. The very term “rain tax” comes off as an affront to Mother Nature.
I think it’s doomed.
What started with grumbling on the fringes of the left and the right is now becoming a bipartisan backlash. The lefties are pissed because this is a tax that treats everyone equally, rich or poor. The righties hated it because they hate anything that includes the word tax. It was one thing when Repub county exec Laura Nueman came out against it but when a prominent Dem like city councilperson Mary Pat Clarke added her voice to the fray, it got my attention.
Finally, here’s an issue that both parties can come together on. This could be the beginning of the end of the rain tax, at least in its current form. I suffer no illusion that this tax will actually go away. It will quietly get repackaged into some other environmental or public utilities legislation. Something less susceptible to a nickname like rain tax.
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Biblical Reboot

Of course, this isn’t the earliest reboot. For that you’d need to look at some of the distinctive in different editions of the Gilgamesh epic. Still, this is a lovely way of illustrating some of the “continuity errors” in the larger biblical corpus. I also recommend  James McGrath‘s post relating the latest debacle from Lucas to epic storytelling in the ancient world.

Goodbye 2012!!

Oh 2012!! What a year you were 🙂

After happily leaving 2011 behind (it was not the greatest year of my life…) 2012 brought joy, pain, heartache, laughter and love. We had to say goodbye to the last of our little pet rats Polleke (the end of an era!!), there was crafting, followed by lots of pain from crafting, campfires, soaking up sunshine, redecorating parts of our home and holidays with friends.

But most of all, 2012 was the year where I learned a lot about myself and about life. I’m not done yet – who ever is? – but I’m sooooo ready for 2013!!

New year.
New start.
New adventures.

Bring it on!!! 🙂

Are We Overreacting on Climate Change?

In “False Alarm,” Bjorn Lomborg argues that the global attention on fighting climate change has been misplaced, and taken resources away from more pressing problems.