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Note; this is a social psychology paper. the assignment is 2 parts the first one is an essay, which is around 1200 words. the second one is a text analysis, which is around one and a half pages, and they need to be on separate files. please check attachment for more details……………

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Dementia, Delirium and Depression


A case study of a client or patient with dementia, delirium and/or depression either as a singular condition or as co-morbidities. A full description of the physical and psychological manifestations of the condition must be developed and supported by the literature, including:

brief history of how the case has unfolded

– issues identified

– assessment undertaken

brief outline of pathophysiology any pharmacological treatments psychosocial requirements physical and psychological support environmental considerations the support of significant others future planning.


Students are to use the literature duly referenced to demonstrate evidence based practice, assessment and management.

The case study needs to be presented in academic style with due referencing..

The case study will need to be presented using the literature as evidence of your study around the particular….