manner in which nonprofit organizations can benefit from a private social network

Discussion 6

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Help a Local Nonprofit Organization (20 points)”  Please respond to the following:

  • Go to the Facebook for Business – Non-Profits and Organizations page, located here, and view the success stories. Examine the overall manner in which nonprofit organizations can benefit from a private social network. Include at least one (1) example of such benefit to support your response.
  • Select a nonprofit organization which uses Facebook advertisement and examine the main pros and cons of its marketing strategy using Facebook. Next, recommend how you would use Facebook advertisement to improve the organization’s social media marketing strategy. Include one (1) example to support your response (e.g., how to use Facebook advertisement to engage the community for the cause of its current dilemma or problem). Note: Include the Facebook link of your chosen organization in your discussion post
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Identify the barriers that hinder staff from providing quality care to patients in nursing homes.

PROJECT GOAL The goal of this project is to improve the quality of care provided to residents in nursing homes; in areas of lower socioeconomic status, and those insured by….

A frequently heard complaint about merit raises is that the do little to increase employee effort. What are the causes of this belief? Suggest ways in which the motivating value of merit raises may be increased.

Question A Tomas Corporation had 400 employees and wishes to develop a compensation policy to correspond to its dynamics business strategy. The company wishes to employ a high- quality workforce….