How do the internal and external mechanisms influence police discretion?

Short Answer No more than 150- 200 words for each question

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1.      How would you describe police officer training? How does police officer training contribute to an officer’s overall career development program?




2.      What is police discretion? How do the internal and external mechanisms influence police discretion?




3.      What are the internal and external mechanisms influence police discretion?




4.      How would you define police recruitment? Compare and contrast the elements associated with police recruitment and the elements associated with the selection process. 




5.      Should police recruits have some college credits?  If so, how many?




6.      What is a field training officer (FTO)?  How long should a recruit stay with theirFTO?




7.      How can police administrators assure their officers are trained to the highest standards?




8.      What would you recommend to improve police officer development?




9.      Using the questions and answers for this week, in approximately 150-200 words, share what was learned during the week and tell how it relates or could relate to you and/or someone employed in the criminal justice field. You do not need to write a summary of everything we covered during the week. What I’d like to know is what you found particularly useful, interesting, challenging, or thought provoking.

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