“Great use of a single image to talk about Cartier-Bresson’s concept of photography.

Please write a 1000 word paper on the artist photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work utilizing theory, terms and concepts explored in the course “Seminar Site & Context”. “Seminar Site & Context” courses discuss the contexts and environments in which art is conceived and engaged. Exploring the implications of location, audience and constitution of a public from the position of an artist. The concept of “Site-Specificity” has to be the core element found in this research paper thats helps explain and supports Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work. (Site-Specificity: is demonstrating awareness of physical and psychological aspects of space and display.) The thesis and core arguments should imply that the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson plays the role of being an outsider when photographing candid moments in order to respect the discretion of the photograph while capturing authenticity of a moment in time. His intention is based on capturing his subjects while maintaining the unawareness of the gaze of the camera. The audience can identify that his photographs represents his point of view through his artistic vision by utilizing the camera as a nature painter. Paper must include: artist, title, date, materials, etc. of artwork, a brief description and analysis of the artwork including content, contribution (why it is important), and the larger framework the work exists in. Proper citations, footnoting, bibliography, and captioning of images must be included. Please include in the paper all information and photograph examples found on the powerpoint presentation I made on Henri Cartier-Bresson,(found in the additional materials). Please refer to these 3 readings (found in the additional materials) as sources to reinforce your arguments: Miwon Kwon “One Place after the Other” (in this reading you will understand the analysis of site-specificity and the relation between the artwork and the environment in which it is placed, which is very important to include in this paper) Laura Mulvey “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” Benjamin Walter “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” Also, you may conduct further internet research to add other potential sources for this paper. It could be along the line of comparing Henri Cartier-Bresson with street photography today and how did it change/evolve and or more information about Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ideas and unique style.

This is the second time I am sending this specific order (research paper) as I am very unsatisfied with the overall quality of the previous order written by an advanced writer of custom writing.
Please find enclosed in the additional materials the previous research paper written by an advanced writer which had the exact same instructions mentioned above. My teacher gave me a C and asked me to rewrite this research paper for a better grade. I am aiming to receive an (A+) with a much improved version this time. Teacher’s Feedback on previous version:

“Great use of a single image to talk about Cartier-Bresson’s concept of photography. It is important to introduce the image first: You must tell the readers that you will discuss one photograph, and let us know why that one photograph is important. Then, describe in detail the photograph without an image. The text is lacking a structure: Introduction and thesis/focus – Arguments – Conclusion. Your descriptions of the photograph are good, and you include interesting theories behind the act of taking photographs. You must cite your sources, however. How do you know what you know? Did he write a biography/memoir? Did art historians say this? Is it Wikipedia? Every Time you have a fact, you must make a footnote. You are welcome to re-submit the text to me: the main improvement needs to be in the introduction. Tell us why we are talking about Cartier-Bresson (winning an award is not enough of a reason to write a paper about him) and tell us that we will discuss one image, and why that one image was chosen.”

Please read carefully what is asked for improvement and keep only the most relevant and interesting information of the previous research paper.
As mentioned, this paper needs a lot of work. The previous writer decided to focus mainly on only ONE specific image but it was NOT part of the instructions, therefore you do NOT have to follow the same path, but could add more examples, if you believe it will make the paper stronger.
You may keep the best part of the analysis made for that image, as the only positive feedback of the teacher was made in regards to the analysis of the single image: “Your descriptions of the photograph are good, and you include interesting theories behind the act of taking photographs.”
However “good” (as mentioned by the teacher) is not “great”, therefore please enhance the analysis, arguments, structure and overall thesis of this research paper. But at the same time, please make sure to still keep some (the best) information from the first version, if not the teacher could then become suspicious that someone else wrote the final version if it appears that there is no correlation between the two versions.

Sorry to write such extensive and extremely detailed instructions, but as it was so disappointing to receive the previous version from another writer I would like to make sure it is done very well this time.

Please do not hesitate to ask me more information if you may have any further questions to rewrite this paper successfully.

Thank you very much in advance.

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