Engaging Customers and Communicating Customer Value

So this is the question:


Find a current news article (appearing in the last six months) that illustrates principles discussed in your class (lecture).  You need to turn in the original article (or copy), or video of the material along with a two-page (double-spaced) discussion of how you see the article as illustrative of the principle.


And I attached for you two of the lectures that discussed in the class (you can choose any thing )


1- Engaging Customers and Communicating Customer Value. Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy.


2- Direct, online, social, Media, and Mobile Marketing.


So you can take a look at these slides to search about any article, or video and discussion of how you see the article as illustrative of the principle in a two-page (double-spaced) discussion.

And please don’t forget to attach the link of the original article





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