Designing using logisim

Designing using logisim

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  1. Design a 1-bit adder using LogiSim. (Adder has X, Y, and Cin inputs and S, Cout outputs) Test it for all possible 8 rows of the truth table and tabulate the result. Paste a screenshot of your circuit.  Actually paste screenshots of the circuit representing 3 random rows of the truth table.  Use coin tosses to determine which row to paste. Submit the circuit file (LogiSim file) as well as a separate file.
  2. Using the 1-bit adder from problem 1, construct a 3-bit adder by cascading 3 copies of your 1-bit adder together.  Submit 3 screenshots representing 3 random input operands.  Don’t forget to randomize the input carry to the entire adder as well.  The adder should have 2 3-bit input operands, 1 carry-in operand, 1 3-bit sum output, and 1 carry output.
  3. Using your 3-bit adder design from the previous problem as subcircuits, build and test in LogiSim a 3 bit x 3 bit serial multiplier. Submit a circuit file, and in your main word processing file show a screen shot of the completed multiplier.  Report in detail on testing this multiplier on 3 randomly-generated pairs of input numbers.
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