Complete a thoroughly researched essay defining the concept of design thinking as a strategic tool in business

1 Complete a thoroughly researched essay defining the concept of design thinking as a strategic tool in business

• Evidence of your knowledge and engagement of design thinking issues
• Contents page and bibliography (formatted Harvard style)
> Introduction
• Introduction to your examples
• An explanation of how your examples are linked in some way (this can be by using the same professional area of business e.g. all technology examples or by how product innovations reflect the application of design thinking to other elements of the business, such as organisational structure, strategy, culture and processes*)
• Approximately 200 words

> My own definition of Design Thinking
• Write your own definition of design thinking, making reference to your reading and research into the concept undertaken in the seminars, via the module lectures and for the formative assignments where applicable.
• Approximately 500 words

> Examples of Design Thinking as a strategic tool in business leadership
• Evaluation of Design Thinking impact on business strategy in a global context
• Evidence of your knowledge and engagement with the issues
• a different Design Thinking model needs to accompany each example
• Use the ‘Design Thinking model’ terminology as sub-headings e.g. ‘Define’ if you were to use the dSChool model
• One (or more) visual(s) needs to accompany each example
• Minimum of two examples. There is no upper limit.
• Approximately 1300 words

> A conclusion
• a summary of your arguments as to how your chosen examples illustrate Design Thinking in business leadership
• an analysis / evaluation of the efficacy of this approach towards business leadership
• Approximately 200 words

> Appendix
• a summary of two key theoretical readings that have the most impact on your ability to develop this final submission
• a summary of an applied task (seminar task) that has supported your understanding of the concept of design thinking as expressed in this final submission
• Approximately 200 words

3 Include References and citation throughout

> References
• Use in-text citation and include a list of your references,
both formatted in the Harvard style
• These should be from a minimum of 10 relevant,
substantive sources

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