As the Vice President of Public Relations for Abdulateef Jameel…..

As the Vice President of Public Relations for Abdulateef Jameel (owner of Toyota and Lexus), your CEO has tasked you with responding to an inquiry, which he/she received from the Saudi Human Rights Commission (a non-governmental organization), regarding your firm’s stance on the issue of women driving within KSA. He/she also informs you that the contents of the letter will be published in Al-Riyadh and Arab News newspapers, in both Arabic and English. This is a very precarious situation because your organization’s key stakeholders (i.e. investors, employees, customers, government, etc.) are on both sides of the debate. How will you respond to the request of the Human Rights Commission?
Please write a letter to the commision detailing your company’s stance (approximately 300 words). Make sure to include your signature at the bottom of the letter, and incorporate what we’ve discussed in class hitherto regarding good business writing (i.e. KISS, edit, introduction, conclusion, etc.)……..

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