amoeba and active/passive transport.

Essay Question about amoeba and active/passive transport.

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I know most of these terms but really want to know how it specifically realates to an amoeba.  So a short answer not containing all these words is fine.


Imagine you are an amoeba swimming in a pond eating, drinking, and excreting all day.  Describe how you do this by all different ways of active and passive transport.  Be sure to describe how and why each occurs.  Use as many of the following terms in your description as possible:

– concentration gradient

– water

– glucose

– paramecium

– exocytosis

– cell membrane

– hydrogen bonding

– salt

– passive transport


– vacuole

– osmosis

– urea

– active transport

– pumps

– diffusion

– endocytosis

– water potential

– pressure

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